Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Energy-efficient Intelligent House That Can Monitor Health

Johann Siau and his team at the School of Engineering and Technology have developed the first home in the UK that can learn from its residents and raise alerts if the house is being burgled or its occupants are ill.

The house "learns" the residents' routines and notices if they forget to lock the front door or turn off the lights and will text them to let them know. It can also monitor energy consumption and could save over £300 a year on fuel bills.

Now, the researchers have taken the house a step further and have adapted it so that it can also monitor the health of its residents. They do this through a prototype device which can be strapped to the wrist and is equipped with various sensors which take readings of body temperature and pulse.

So, there we have it, energy efficiency, security and health monitoring all under one roof. Watch this space for the first of these homes taking shape at the Building Research Establishment.

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