Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Do Men and Women Use Twitter Differently?

An analysis of tweets from the Royal Wedding reports that 10,600 UK tweets referred to ‘that dress’ from which an easy assumption could be that most are from women. A study at the University of Hertfordshire throws new light into how men and women use Twitter.

Male entrepreneurs are using social networking sites to compete and dominate whilst women are using them to build networks according to the new research.

Following a study into how male and women entrepreneurs interact using Twitter, the research has shown that men ‘tweet’ about business 46 per cent more than women, showing even their more casual conversations involve business

The study analysed nearly 5,000 tweets from twelve influential entrepreneurs over one-month and found that male users sent 61 per cent more self-promotional tweets than their female counterparts.

Professor Karen Pine, University of Hertfordshire, said: “It’s been interesting to see how men are using social media as an extension of the board room or playing field where they typically have to lead the competition and dominate.

“Women use social media far less aggressively, they tend to use it more socially to build contacts and network with people, as is often the case in the ‘real world’.”

The top 5 entrepreneurs by how much they tweeted in the month (January to February 2011) of the study are below. They have an estimated combined wealth of £1.28billion according to the Sunday Times Rich List 2010.

  1. Michelle Mone 1,030 tweets
  2. Lord Sugar 965 tweets
  3. Duncan Bannatyne 660 tweets
  4. Theo Paphitis 505 tweets
  5. Martha Lane Fox 275 tweets

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