Monday, 11 July 2011

Conference to demonstrate how philosophy can enhance quality of life

Motivated by the impact agenda, this week – on July 11 and 12 – Professor Shaun Gallagher and I will be engaged in a new experiment – i.e. learning more about exactly how and to what extent some of our philosophical proposals have made a difference to those that have been inspired beyond academia.

Although we have a lot to say about our philosophical framework in this two-day conference on Embodied and Narrative Practices the philosophy provides only the backdrop. Centre stage is given to the work of practitioners. A range of invited and submitted papers will examine how the philosophical ideas we promote about social cognition have been taken up in applied and clinical work in a variety of areas, including psychopathology and physiotherapy.

Our hope is to learn more, in detail, about why and how adopting the understanding of social cognition we promote matters when it comes to helping improve the everyday interpersonal relations and social understanding of certain individuals – how it makes a real difference to their quality of lives.

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