Thursday, 29 September 2011

Do you have a Jekyll and Hyde approach to saving energy?

Nadine Page in the School of Psychology carried out some research into people's behaviour around energy-saving and found that 86% of her research sample were more likely to try to save energy at home rather than in the workplace.

"The external drivers of behaviour also differed according to context," she said. "Participants reported that having good leadership and positive role models was important for motivating them to save energy in the workplace whereas at home, they saved energy to be financially rewarded."

These results show that energy-saving actions differ systematically according to context and the reasons for saving energy in the workplace are very different to those that motivate behaviours in and around the home.

"By identifying the similarities and differences between contexts, and gaining a better understanding of people in each of these, we can ensure that interventions have greater success at effecting change in the longer-term," said Nadine.

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It would be good to know about any strategies our readers have adopted to save energy in the workplace, so leave us some comments, please.

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