Tuesday, 13 September 2011

It's official - First impressions do count!

It is often said that we make judgments about people in the first three seconds of seeing them. Now new research from psychologists, Professor Karen Pine and Professor Ben Fletcher in collaboration with Mathieson & Brooke Tailors (M&BT),  proves that this is indeed the case and shows how much clothing influences these opinions.

The study shows that wearing a made-to-measure suit, rather than an off-the-peg equivalent, positively affects the judgments people make in those first three seconds. In fact, twice as many people will  view you as confident and successful if you wear a made-to-measure suit rather than an off-the-peg suit.

In the research conducted among 300 participants (males and females aged from 14 to 67) viewed a series of separate images of a man and a woman for just 3 seconds. They were then asked to make ‘snap judgements’ about the person in the picture.

When the man in the picture wore a made-to-measure suit he made a more favourable impression than when he wore a very similar off-the-peg suit of the same colour. People judged him to be more confident, successful, flexible and a higher earner than the same man wearing a similar high street equivalent. The man’s face in the picture was blanked out so these different judgments arose purely from observing his attire.

According to Professor Pine, these findings are an important contribution to their ongoing work geared towards reaching a better understanding of the psychology of fashion and clearly highlights the importance of good tailoring.

David Brooke from M&BT acknowledges that a made-to-measure suit is undoubtedly more expensive than some high street suits, but these research findings confirm that it can now be seen as a career investment and an essential ingredient to personal success.

So, see what your first impressions are of the photos below:

Executive summary of Karen Pine's paper on The Effect of Appearance on First Impressions

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