Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Grant to Combat Water Shortages in India

A researcher at the University of Hertfordshire has been awarded a research grant to study water shortages in India and to assess the merits of traditional water control technology over newer techniques.

Dr Darren Crook in Geography and Environmental Science has been awarded just over £100,000 from the Leverhulme Trust to conduct a two-year study into the function of surangas, which is a traditional water control technology that in the past appears to have been sustainable, but is now being abandoned in favour of modern well systems.

“Little is known about the history, design and function of the suranga,” said Dr Crook. “This is knowledge that needs to be documented for future generations before local skills and techniques are lost.”

Dr Crook will measure the sustainability of the suranga in the Karnataka and Kerala states of India and evaluate the role of this technology in reducing vulnerability to periodic water shortage and promoting community and environmental resilience. Knowledge transfer from the study will enable local farmers and water officials to make more informed decisions about promoting sustainable water management practices in this region.

The project entitled: An investigation into the sustainability of suranga technology in south Karnataka and north Kerala states of India, will begin in March (2012).

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