Thursday, 22 March 2012

Did you attend the 1971 Stansted Summer School?

Gorsefield House, courtesy of
Gorsefield Rural Studies Centre
Do you remember those days back in 1971?  When hot-pants, bell-bottomed trousers and platform shoes were the fashion must haves; Walt Disney opened their theme park in Florida; we switched to decimal currency in the UK; the Osmonds, Jackson 5, Bread, Elvis Presley, Hot Chocolate, the Bee Gees, Bill Withers and The Temptations were among the top hits list; Intel released the world’s first microprocessor; and Texas instruments launched the first pocket calculator.

In 1971, were you an eleven to thirteen year old girl who lived in London and attended a summer camp at Gorsefield House? Did you live in Tower Hamlets, Southwark, Camden, Westminster, Greenwich or Islington at that time? Or have you heard your mum or aunt talk about a summer camp that they went on when they were young? Or perhaps you were a member of staff working at this summer camp in 1971?

Researchers from the University of Hertfordshire would like to hear from women and staff who joined the Stansted Summer School in 1971 at Gorsefield House. It may seem a life-time ago but, forty years on, we’d like to hear about your memories and experiences of taking part at this innovative three-week summer school.

If you or anyone you know attended this three-week summer school in 1971, we would like to hear from you. Please contact Ruth Towell, Researcher on or call her on 01707 286390.

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  1. Progress at last! We have had our first coverage in the local press

    and today I completed my first interview - a member of staff from the summer school - which has been sent off to be transcribed. So if anyone  knows anyone out there who was a member of staff or who attendend the summer school please contact me.