Thursday, 15 March 2012

Simulation training for nurses

Project Team Partners
How do you educate and train nurses, today and into the future? How can you provide safe clinical practice in an increasingly complex healthcare environment? How do you ensure adequate clinical experiences so students are prepared for a wide, and often complex, variety of scenarios?

That’s where simulation training comes in! However, despite significant progression in technology and education around simulation, there are many countries still to adopt scenario-based simulation training for their nurses and other healthcare professionals as common practice.

Through a European-funded project, Professor Guillaume Alinier, from the School of Health and Emergency Professions, has been sharing his expertise and knowledge of simulation practice with project partners from Turkey (led by Dr Fusun Terzioglu) and Italy (led by Professor Filippo Festini). 

The twenty-four month project, which is due to complete by the end of 2012, has brought nursing tutors from Turkey (Hacettepe University, Kafkas University, Mugla University, University of Ataturk, Association of Research and Development in Nursing) and Italy (University of Florence) to the University’s Clinical Simulation Centre to learn about simulation training through the development of trauma care scenarios.

As part of the project, experience from the University is being transferred to help partners in Turkey set up a new simulation training facility at Hacettepe University and become a model for all nursing programmes in Turkey - work on this is well under way!

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