Thursday, 31 May 2012

Abbas Kiarostami’s Filmmaking

Abbas Kiarostami at the 65th Venice
Film Festival courtesy of Mansour Nasiri
Abbas Kiarostami, one of Iran’s leading film directors, is the focus of a Master’s by Research project by Luke Buckle from the University’s Social Sciences, Arts and Humanities Research Institute (SSAHRI).

In the paper published on the acclaimed Film International website, Buckle describes Kiarostami’s filmmaking methods and ideals as being very much reflective of the style of post-Second World War Italian Neorealism. Neorealism is a form of cinema used to portray the hardships of everyday people by exploring social, cultural and economic issues from their perspective. Kiarostami creates a distinctive form of filmmaking to get at the 'truths' of contemporary Iranian life and a strand of modern Neorealism emerges.

Click for the full paper: Contemporary Neorealist Principles in Abbas Kiarostami’s Filmmaking (1997 – 2005).

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