Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Seeing Stars… at Open Evenings

Looking up to the heavens on cloudless night, you see so many stars, twinkling in the night sky.  But there’s so much more to see… galaxies, planets, suns, red dwarfs, brown dwarfs, black holes, newly formed stars and... more, importantly, identifying what it is.

Our series of Public Open Evenings at our Observatory at Bayfordbury gives a great opportunity for everyone, from children to adults and budding amateur astronomers, to visit a working astronomical observatory. 

Come along to talk to researchers and post-graduate students who will be providing expert demonstrations, tours and talks on many different aspects of astronomy including:
  • A tour around the sky in our planetarium

  • A demonstration of how our radio telescopes work

  • Visit our seven optical telescopes

  • A (recorded) video link to the Chilean observatories

  • Visit our Astrolab to participate in various  of computer and lab experiments

The Public Open Evening Season starts on Friday 5th October with a very special event to mark the 50th anniversary of the foundation of the European Southern Observatory (ESO) with a special speaker coming from the ESO HQ in Germany.

To book your place at this opening event on 5th October, or to see alternative dates, click here

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