Friday, 15 March 2013

Spring: new beginnings, new career for you?

Finally, the days are getting a little longer, the miserable weather will hopefully take a break, the woolly jumpers are being put away, and people are slowly crawling out of winter hibernation. 

Spring is the time of year people find a new sense of enthusiasm, the sun’s finally coming out, the annual daffodils are making themselves known and lambs are bouncing around in the fields. You can’t help but feel optimistic. Signs of new life are all around it’s a great time to start something new.

Study for a degree online can be life changing. Taking your career to a new level or going for a complete career change altogether. The beauty of distance learning is that it fits around you, your work life, your family commitments.

So whilst you’re gorging on your 27th Easter Egg, or planting bulbs in the garden, take the first step today and check out what you can do to give yourself a new beginning.

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