Monday, 8 April 2013

Blaming it on the Boogie in Harrogate!

Dr Peter Lovatt aka Doctor Dance!
It’s not a Jackson 5 tribute in Harrogate – it’s the University’s energetic and very enthusiastic Doctor Dance (Dr Peter Lovatt) giving an open lecture at the British Psychological Society’s 2013 Annual Conference taking place in Harrogate.

Doctor Dance will share his research into the different affects that dancing has on our minds as well as our bodies.

Dancing can make us feel great – but it also has effects on the way that we think and feel.  Not only can dancing help us to solve problems – but, according to Doctor Dance, different styles of dancing can help to solve different problems!  Wow, did you know that freestyle disco dancing helps to make us more creative?  Or that cha-cha-cha can help to solve problems and puzzles much faster?

Doctor Dance will also be strutting his stuff – showing how people move and how it is influenced by their hormonal and genetic makeup.

Doctor Dance’s open lecture is free – come along to find out how the way you dance affects your level of attractiveness and perhaps strut your own stuff.  Register your attendance here.

“Dance Psychology: Health, thinking and Hormones” takes place 6-7pm Tuesday 9 April 2013 in the Ripley Suite, Harrogate Holiday Inn.

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