Thursday, 4 April 2013

Food labelling know-how for lifestyle magazine

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Where does our food come from?  What do the labels really mean? Do you know what you’re really eating?

The need to know what is in our food and where is has come from has never been as high a profile as it is now.  With the recent issues of horsemeat finding its way into the food chain, consumers are demanding greater knowledge over their food sources. This, in turn, demands that food retailers have greater control over their suppliers.

Dr Kathy Lewis at the University’s Agriculture and Environment Research Unit has been invited to be a food expert for the lifestyle magazine Woman & Home.  Through her wide research experience into food labelling and food assurance schemes, Kathy has provided regular comments to the industry as well as speaking at conferences.

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Kathy will be giving expert advice on a number of articles that helps Woman & Home readers to understand their food better, including labelling, food scares and where food comes from.  Her first article, “Food labelling know how – do you know what you’re really eating?”, is published on page 122 in the April issue of Woman & Home.

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