Monday, 15 April 2013

Old Bailey Online celebrates its tenth anniversary with a 'Blogothon'

Today marks the tenth anniversary of The Old Bailey Online – a searchable archive of proceedings from the Old Bailey trials from 1674 to 1913, co-founded by researchers from the University of Hertfordshire and the University of Sheffield.

With an audience of millions, the archive has been used by scholars, students and the general public over the past decade to uncover multiple hidden histories and has inspired TV and Radio series such as BBC One’s award-winning drama Garrow’s Law, as well as several similar online resources.

To help celebrate the anniversary, the Old Bailey website is hosting a ‘Blogothon’ where accounts of researchers' and teachers' experience using the site will be posted - everyone is welcome.

If you have a blog, all you need to do is publish a post and let the team know about it by emailing  or by tweeting @OldBaileyOnline telling them a little bit about what you might post about. (This won’t commit you to anything)

Posts will be linked here: Why not have a read and find out how others have used the site to uncover the hidden histories behind London’s central criminal court.

For more information on the ‘blogothon’ event visit:

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