Friday, 19 April 2013

Older people and the internet – do they mix? Uncovering the evidence

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Are older people using the internet and related innovative devices?

People are living longer thanks to medical advances and better diets and living conditions.  But, is this ageing population keeping up to date with technology and devices that surround us and which are part of everyday life for the majority of the younger population?  For these young avid users of technology, life would be impossible – from connecting with friends, and looking up information online to catching up on TV shows or doing shopping online.  Their lives revolve around constant use of the internet and they cannot imagine it any other way.

But what about those older people?  Those who were not born into the age of technology and have never been online.  What impact does this have on their life?  Are they willing to accept this new technology?

Join Dr Jyoti Choudrie as she presents her research findings at the 5th Social Digital Research Symposium ‘Uncovering the Evidence of Digital Impact’ being held on Thursday 25 April 2013 in London.

Dr Choudrie leads the Systems Management Research Unit (SyMRU) at the University’s Business School.  She will present three cases to explain whether older people in the UK are adopting or using innovative internet related products and services. The first showcases a study of older adults and their adoption of e-government websites; the second is based on their use of online social networks; and the third on the use of smart phones. 

For more information on the symposium or to book a place please contact the organisers at


  1. Many people around the world who are using an internet for doing their work easier and smarter.Also many old people are using it for many reasons.Many of them likes to read how they can live healthy life.

  2. uhresearchblog3 July 2013 at 17:48

    thank you for your comment - and older people find out so much more when they use the internet.