Monday, 8 April 2013

UH Online Student Blog Archives- Introducing Gareth..

Gareth started his MSc Computer Science (online) in Autumn 2011, we asked him to capture his distance learning experience through a series of blogs, here is his first post...

Introducing Gareth..

I knew I wanted to work in Web Development pretty much as soon as I graduated 6 years ago. The problem was I’d just spent 3 years studying psychology – hardly perfect preparation. So I carved out a career that was more closely related to my degree.  That feeling that I should be doing something else never went away though and last year I decided to do something about it!

I felt genuinely stuck for a while, thinking my only options were to:
  1. Quit my job to study full-time for a year.
  2. Start at the very bottom and work my way up.
Neither of these appealed. So for a while I attempted option c) a DIY education. This might work for some, but I found devising my own curriculum and the lack of deadlines a challenge. It was time to think outside the box.

Gareth - an online student at the University of HertfordshireWhen I found the Online Computer Science MSc with UH I felt like I’d been handed a lifeline. I instantly knew it was right for me: the course content was perfect and I could develop my skills without having to say goodbye to most of my salary. The friendly and insightful advice I received from the tutors when I had some questions about the course reassured me that I was making the right decision. I was starting to get excited!

Leading up to the start of term I was a bit nervous about how studying would impact on my time. The tutors obviously know we lead busy lives though and the course material is split into manageable chunks, so it’s amazing how you find time you didn’t even realise you had to fit the work in. For example, this week I’ve read a book chapter over breakfast, studied code examples on the train and watched a video lecture while eating my lunch at work.

I think time management will be the key to successful distance learning – I’ll be giving my hints and tips on this in my next entry.

Ciao for now!



Gareth is from Belper in Derbyshire, UK and is currently studying MSc Computer Science (Online) with the University of Hertfordshire.

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