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UH Online Student Blog Archives: Gareth - Settling into Online DistanceLearning

Gareth - an online student at the University of HertfordshireGareth started his MSc Computer Science (online) in Autumn 2011, we asked him to capture his distance learning experience through a series of blogs, here is his post about settling into distance learning..

Settling into Online Distance Learning

After what seemed like a long, slightly nervous wait to start my MSc over the summer, I’m now two months into the course and can barely remember what life was like before!

How I would make time for my studies while still working full time was one of the things that concerned me the most, but this hasn’t turned out to be as tough as I thought it might. If you’re smart about it, it’s surprising how much time you can find without having to make to too many sacrifices in other areas.

Going to the gym
For example, I now eat my lunch at my desk and watch video tutorials 4 days a week (Fridays off, obviously!). A couple of days I’ll also start work an hour early or finish late to spend a little more time on my studies and instead of watching TV in bed,  I’ve been spending a couple of evenings reading about what factors make companies like Flickr and Facebook successful instead.

That amounts to around 10 hours study time without really trying too hard. Not bad! Sure, I still commit another full evening a week or half a day at the weekend to get my work done, but that still leaves me with plenty of time for the gym, cycling and relaxing with the missus.

So, I’d say distance learning and a happy work/life balance is easily attainable if you give it a little thought. Look at where you can fit in ‘bite-sized’ study sessions; make sure you plan in enough time at the start of the week to cover what you need to do (and stick to it!) and finally, tell your colleagues about your studies – then when you plug in your headphones at lunch time they’ll see you as an ambitious go-getter, rather than some sort of overgrown sulky teenager!

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Gareth is from Belper in Derbyshire, UK and studied MSc Computer Science (Online) with the University of Hertfordshire.

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