Thursday, 20 June 2013

Have you taken your seat yet in the Den?

Dragons' Den chairsYou may have noticed on our homepage a familiar icon. The Dragons’ Den chairs from the hit television series.

No we haven’t adopted them for our office (tempting though), but we have been working hard with our partners to bring you a new online educational programme themed around the television programme Dragons Den.

It’s a clever idea. You put yourself in the place of a Dragon and decide how to invest £100k across a number of business opportunities with the aim of making your first million.

How does it work?

Before you’re let lose as a Dragon, you learn the theory, covering: strategy, marketing and finance - all essentials for business success. This is presented in easy-to-learn bitesize chunks with activities to test your learning as you go along and feedback on how your skills are improving – just as you would expect for online learning (no dreary long extracts from textbooks here).

2_SkillsKnowMeters_DragonsDenOEPOnce you’ve tackled the theory you can then put into practice what you learnt and play the role as  a Dragon – where will you make your investment?  And this is the clever bit: working through our interactive scenarios, based on real Dragons’ Den cases, you invest your dragon cash on the business cases you think will be the most profitable.  What is great is you get instant feedback that helps refine your judgement and decision making skills- very helpful for the business world.

Using the programme you become ridiculously competitive seeing if you made it to the top of the leaderboard with the right investment choices (Take that! Dragons!), and yes it is rather fun too. More importantly perhaps is that you’re learning business skills, remembering them and putting them into practice in a zero risk environment.

As featured in…

DD_OEP_LOGO_LRWe have to be honest though, this isn’t actually completely new. University of Hertfordshire business students have been using the programme as part of their studies for a number of years, to help put into practice some of what they’ve learnt in their studies.

It also appears in a number of MBA programmes and some large corporations have adopted the Dragons’ Den Online Educational Programme to train their staff with too. In fact over 15,000 have experienced the programme so far.  We’re now releasing the programme as a stand-alone experience which budding entrepreneurs can purchase off the shelf and start straight away. You’ll also get a University of Hertfordshire Certificate when you’ve successfully completed the programme.

Like to find out more?

Here’s a video with a bit more information on our partner's website if you would like to get started on the programme. Best of luck! You have to get your own Dragons’ Den chair though unfortunately.


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