Monday, 12 August 2013

The Dragons are back

Dragon’s Den is back on our screens. Budding entrepreneurs presenting their product or service they’ve put their heart and soul into, hoping to capture the imagination (and the wallets) of the Dragons for that life changing investment. Skinny Tan anyone?

DD_OEP_LOGO_LRHaving a Dragon on your side must be every entrepreneur’s dream. To financially plug the investment gap and have that expertise and experience on your side is priceless.

For the rest of us, it’s a tough call being an entrepreneur. We don’t have a ‘dragon’ and need to be a jack-of-all-trades: know the numbers; devise a strategy; be a marketing guru, making key decisions everyday. And, there’s only such much Googling and YouTube videos that can help…

Dragons' Den chairsThe Dragons’ Den Online Educational Programme has been a part of the University of Hertfordshire business degrees for a number of years. It helps our students make business decisions but in a safe but responsive environment, developing the very skills needed to excel in the business world.

With 25,000 past users, we’ve been working with the makers of the Dragon’s Den Online Educational Programme, Dialectyx, to launch it as a stand alone online programme for entrepreneurs. There’s very few of us that know everything about running a business, we thought this online programme would benefit those needing to expand their knowledge in strategy, marketing, finance and HR.

So even though we can’t give you your very own Dragon (sorry), we like to think this programme will help you grow and your business-grow too. And all the more better it's 100% online, so you can fit it around work and even enjoy a bowl of protein noodles whilst you're working through the programme...

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