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MSc Mental Health Recovery (online)... 4 months on

Audrey Kempson
Audrey Kempson, Programme Tutor
MSc Mental Health Recovery & Social Inclusion (online) Programme Tutor Audrey Kempson reflects on how the past four months of this new course has gone...

The MSc in Mental Health Recovery and Social Inclusion (online) started in November 2014 with 60 students signed up to this truly innovative project that has been developed by partners in Europe and funded by the European Union. Experts in the field have put together an online course that reflects international work in the mental health field in Italy, the United States, Portugal and Poland.

This online programme has students from across the UK, Switzerland, Poland, Italy and Australia and is being delivered online with contributions from the team across Europe who are involved in sharing and reflecting on their expertise in particular areas of research, practice and continuing professional development. It has attracted doctors, psychologists, mental health nurses, social workers and has been particularly successful in getting applicants who are people with lived experience of mental illness and their carers on board. This has led to a course that is truly participatory and that has brought a great deal of hope and inspiration about the mental health recovery journey. Maybe one of the students says it best:
"I work as a Staff Grade psychiatrist at Brockfield House, secure unit in Wickford, Essex, United Kingdom. I work in medium secure acute and rehabilitation wards. My patients are detained under the section of the mental health act and mostly are prison transfers and under Ministry of Justice directives.

I wanted my patients to have Recovery and be able to voyage of self-discovery and personal growth. I wanted to increase my knowledge and help my patients cross bridges of stigma and recover. For being able to help my patients I choose the MSc in Mental Health Recovery and Social Inclusion Programme. I have been using the medical model and after attending the modules my knowledge have increased in different models of recovery and I am able to see the benefits within my practice. I am able to support my patients and provide a holistic view of mental illness that focuses on the person, not just their symptoms.

MSc in Mental Health Recovery and Social Inclusion Programme has been an excellent experience, the programme gave me an experience of meeting different students all over the world and also of having a discussion about various topics within the programme.

 I have learned a lot and still continue to do so at my MSc in Mental Health Recovery and Social Inclusion Programme at the University of Hertfordshire."
Dr Muhammad Shafi, Essex, England

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