Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Online guest lecture: Artificial Intelligence

To celebrate Europe week, we're honoured to have  Prof. Dr. Dagmar Monett from Berlin School of Economics and Law delivering an online guest lecture this morning for our online computer science students.

Online guest lectures are usually exclusively for our online Computer Science students, but on a first come, first serve basis, we're opening this up for prospective students to view also. Here are the details:
  • Guest Lecture: Agents and multi-agent systems

  • Presenter: Prof. Dr. Dagmar Monett from Berlin School of Economics and Law

  • Date: Wednesday 5th March

  • Time: 10:00-11:00 (GMT)
Check your computer is set up for Adobe Connect:

A kind note...

As this is a one-off, we cannot confirm we'll have a recording publicly available after the event. Please also note, the online Adobe Connect room has a limited capacity, we'll let visitors into the virtual room until that capacity is reached. 

Enjoy the lecture!

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