Monday, 17 March 2014

Public Health guest lecture

Jim McManus, Director of Public Health, Hertfordshire gives this insightful guest lecture to University of Hertfordshire public health students titled: Public Health Leadership in Distributed Systems.

Want to know about MPH Public Health (online)?

The Master of Public Health (online) started September 2013 and has grown popular very quickly. The optional modules, the expertise teaching the course and focus on evidence-based practice we believe contributes to its global interest.

We tailored this course for health professionals including doctorspharmacistsnurses and allied healthsocial care and environmental health professionals, plus the wider public health workforce in the non-governmental sector. It also supports managerialpolicy and practitioner career pathways.

There are specialisms available including:
  • Commissioning and leadership;

  • Management of the double burden of communicable and non-communicable conditions;

  • Primary care;

  • Child health;

  • Health system approaches to improving public health outcomes and addressing health inequalities.
More information about: MPH Public Health course

Course intake: every September and January

Next application deadline: 15th July 2014

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