Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Want to change, but finding it difficult to get started?

Do you want to be healthier, happier and less stressed? It is unlikely that anyone would say no, but it isn’t easy to change our lifestyle or habits in order to achieve these goals, however much we want them. It takes something special to get us out of a rut.
left to right:
Professor Ben Fletcher, Do Something Different and University of Hertfordshire
David Andrews, deputy cabinet member for public health and localism, Hertfordshire County Council (HCC)
Jim McManus, director of public health, HCC
Sue Beck, health improvement principle, HCC
Ronel Erasmus, Do Something Different
So, why not try one of the three online programmes designed to help bring about a positive change to your life?  As a resident of Hertfordshire, you can sign up for one, free of charge.

Hertfordshire County Council’s public health department, working in partnership with Do Something Different, has commissioned three online programmes under the ‘Do Something Different’ banner: Do Healthy in Herts, Do Happiness in Herts, and Do Less Stress in Herts. Try the one closest to your personal goals.

David Andrews, deputy cabinet member for public health and localism said: “Each programme offers you six weeks during which you will be encouraged to break away from the habits that keep you doing the same things and explore approaches that can lead to a healthier, happier or less stressful way of life. Places are limited so act now if you would like to try a new approach to changing your life.”

The programmes are the brainchild of Professors Ben Fletcher and Karen Pine from the University of Hertfordshire. Professor Karen Pine, one of the founding psychologists behind Do Something Different, says: “It’s easy to talk about changing things in your life, but most of us find it incredibly difficult. These programmes are all about doing. Each ‘do’ will encourage you to change an old habit or try a new way of doing something. That will help you to bring more happiness into your life, to feel less stressed or to adopt a healthier lifestyle, one ‘do’ at a time. It’s designed to be easy and fun to do, and we see great results.”

To get started, if you are over 18 and a resident of Hertfordshire, visit the website:  www.hertsdirect.org/dosomething and complete the quick, online questionnaire that captures your personal habits and behaviours. You will then receive a series of personalised do’s or fun, positive actions sent by text message and/or email, that will help transform your life with a series of small steps over the next six weeks. Each step is chosen especially for you and designed to push you outside your personal comfort zone into trying new ways of doing things. At the end of the programme you can complete the online questionnaire again to see what has changed.

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