Wednesday, 9 April 2014

UH Heritage Hub video launched at London Coffee festival

A video made by the UH Heritage Hub, in collaboration with Mulmar Foodservice Solutions, to celebrate the company's 25 year heritage, was launched at the London Coffee Festival last week.  Please click here to watch it

The University’s relationship with Mulmar  was developed by Professor Jonathan Morris from the University of Hertfordshire’s School of Humanities who interviewed the business’ founders for his ESRC-funded research project The Cappuccino Conquests, which traced the global history of Italian-style coffee.  The history of Mulmar, a Hatfield-based company specialising in the provision and servicing of coffee equipment, is in many ways emblematic of the UK coffee revolution.  Over the years they have worked with Costa, Starbucks, CafĂ© Nero, ASK and Pret – as well as a host of independents.

Agostino Luggeri, MD of Mulmar, 
at the London Coffee Festival - wearing the 
new Mulmar logo designed by Olawale Osunla, 
a 2nd year student on the Graphic Design Pathway
The video project itself came about after Agostino Luggeri, the MD of Mulmar attended an event about Heritage for Business organised by Dr Alix Green, Deputy Chair of the Hub.   Helen Tyler, a research assistant at the Hub, worked through the Mulmar archive, scanning relevant images, and Prof Morris and Dr Green helped develop the storyboard for the video.

Mulmar also put up a £250 cash prize for a competition to design a new company logo celebrating their anniversary.  This was won by Olawale Osunla, a 2nd year student on the Graphic Design Pathway.  His animated logo appears at the end of the video.

The coffee festival was attended by over 22,000 visitors where the Mulmar crew all wore shirts displaying the new logo.  

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