Friday, 25 July 2014

The RoboCup 2014 Final!

Guest blog Dr Daniel Polani, Adaptive Systems Research Group

We had played seven matches against the likes of Hamburg, Brazil and Indonesia and it was now time to face Japan’s CIT Brains in the final.

It was tough as the Japanese team took the lead scoring three goals and we thought it was going to be a walkover of the Germany vs. Brazil kind. However, our robots fought back and we managed to score twice before the whistle blew. It seemed that our robots were better on the long run and had the game gone on longer, we might have equalized. But it was an exciting game, with a final score of 2:3 to the new world champions.

We are delighted to have got to the final, which follows on from our 2nd place at the RoboCup German Open (April 2014) and 3rd place at the RoboCup Iran Open (April 2014).  I’d like to thank everyone for their support and I am delighted to say that Bold Hearts is Vice World Champion in RoboCup Kidsize Football!

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