Friday, 28 October 2016

Enterprising Minds

For 11 years enterprising University of Hertfordshire students and alumni have been dazzling the judges of our flare competition with their entrepreneurial ideas. This year’s celebratory event saw us embracing a new-look awards ceremony for 2016, giving our finalists an opportunity to promote their unique business ideas to an audience of over 300.
Keen to inspire others to embark upon their own enterprise journeys, we’ve invited a few of this year’s finalists along to share their start-up stories with you.

Olivia Berry

Graduating in 2014 with a first class degree in photography, I set out to become a photographer, as many would expect. After a year of working under the name Olivia Berry Photography, I had had increasing interest and bookings for my photography. Realising a gap in the market for not just offering photography but also for marketing services, using the photographs to promote clients brands and businesses, I set up the company Equia Marketing Solutions, which delivers marketing services to rural companies and those companies trying to reach rural communities. The company offers the complete service from photography, to website design and printed literature.

Having grown up in the countryside and with this rural background I have decided to focus on helping rural companies because that’s what I know best, and why change now? I am passionate about rural companies and want to give back to the communities we love.

Winning flare in 2014, for Olivia Berry Photography, gave me a good foundation for starting my own company and when it came to launching Equia Marketing Solutions, entering flare again was something I was keen to do. I knew the business would be successful, but it was great to have the backing of flare to help this happen. The competition gave me confidence, and enhanced my team building skills; during the workshops and training over the summer of 2016 I gained knowledge of all aspects of business. To win a prize in the competition was the cherry on the top and has set Equia Marketing Solutions off to a great start.

Olivia Berry Ba (Hons)
Professional Photographer & Printer
07891 407 815

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