Thursday, 13 October 2016

What the new academic year brings business

So here we are, in the throes of another new academic year at the University of Hertfordshire. But for all the buzz and the throngs of new people, it can be a quiet (maybe even a little lonely) time for us Business Services lot.  Rightly we take a back seat to students at this time of year but there is just as much to offer our business partners in the academic year ahead! Here's my little song and dance about them.

What's new for business in 2016/17?

Degree Apprenticeships - this October we kick off our first ever Degree Apprenticeship in Digital and Technology Solutions. For you, this means training up your people, satisfying their professional development, paying only one third of the degree cost and all while keeping your staff on the shop floor! Two more Degree Apprenticeships in Management and Engineering are hot on the heels, so enquire now and get a head start.

Landmark Science Building - our shiny new facility, opening on College Lane this year, will house top-of-the-range life sciences laboratories and technology. This will dramatically raise the level of quality on R&D projects and collaborative research with our partners, meaning better and faster business applications. Take a look at our flythrough to get a feel for the place, and if you’d like more information just let us know.

Final Year Projects - our new crop of bright final year students aren't intimidated by real world business challenges. Many 'back burner' projects, companies know they need to look at but don't make it to the top of the priority list, can be worked on as final year projects. Your business benefits from low cost solutions, low staff resources, and the students benefit from business interaction and realistic career experience. If you think you have a project like this, get in touch.

Research Themes - this academic year sees us storm ahead on our six new Research Themes: Space, Information & Security, Heritage, Health & Wellbeing, Food, and Global Economy. For the University of Hertfordshire, this isn't just blue sky research, this is to create and develop real business applications. Nor do we do research in silos. We want your problems to solve and your partnership to make world-wide changes. Take a look at our themes videos and let us know if they give you a little inspiration on some collaborative work.

These are all new to this academic year on top of our standard business support of consultancy, training and collaborative research. We've also got some good, juicy events for you to look forward to including Big Data and Additive Manufacturing. 

If any of this has tickled your interest, come and have a chat to us! Email us at, or call on 01707 284606. And in the meantime, signup to our quarterly eNewsletter to keep up with all these exciting endeavours:

Leanne Kenyon
Business Development Coordinator

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