Friday, 16 June 2017

15 things you’ll know if you’ve been to the University of Hertfordshire

At the University of Hertfordshire the student experience is more than just studying, we love our food and our nights out too! Social Street Team member Tamsin breaks down her 15 things you'd know if you've been here...

1. Tickets for the forum sell out faster than you can say “Hertfordshire”.

It’ll be two weeks before the biggest cheeky Wednesday night of the year and the tickets are sold out but there’s always be one geezer trying to sell tickets for £60.

2. Everybody loves the Forum Restaurant chicken.

You can get a massive range of food from all different area of the world from the restaurants, or you can join most students and get the chicken and rice because you can’t beat it really.

3. The shuttle bus journey after a night out is sometimes more fun than the night out itself.

You’d never think a 3am shuttle ride lasting about 5 minutes would be interesting but you experience some weird and wonderful things during that time.

4. When you meet new people there’s a 99% chance they either do Aerospace engineering or motorsport.

5. When anybody asks, you say go to a University “near London”.

Let’s admit it, it’s just easier and it basically is, right?

6. Everybody wants to come visit you in Hatfield whenever Slam Dunk/J Hus comes to the Forum.

Suddenly everybody has been “wanting to come up to visit” for ages and Hatfield becomes the number 1 destination to be.

7. The guy in the pancake hut from outside the Forum has changed your life.

He’s open after nights out AND he takes card payment, win/win.

8. You meet the weirdest people in the Forum toilets.

9. You’ve literally seen other people wearing Go Herts/AU hoodies in your hometown.

They’re everywhere.

10. Meeting randomers at the MacDonald’s walk-through after a night out is essential.

Nobody else can quiet believe the miracle that is the tiny little window of chicken nugget heaven after a night out.

11. You know you’re in for a good night when the Forum cracks out the fire breathing dancers.  

Seriously, how do they do it?

12. An Oceana/Prysm night out and the bus ride back, is an experience you’ll never forget.  

Don’t forget the detour to “the wall” after the bus journey (if you know, you know).

13. 80% of people you know live “somewhere” behind de Hav. 

We got to admit some of the nicest houses are down there so we can’t blame them.

14. See everyone you know in ASDA before a night out.

Clearly everybody else has the right idea to get the £12 bottle of vodka while it’s an offer.

15. The highlight of Hatfield is Harpsfield Hall.  

How did we ever survive without a pitcher of Pornstar Martini at 'Spoons?


A little bit about me… I’m Tamsin, a member of your new University Social Media Street Team. I currently have a lifestyle and beauty blog, and I am currently a second year Biomedical Science student. I’m a pretty bubbly person, so if you see me around say hi! Visit my blog if you like random posts about anything, from makeup to political matters and everything in between.

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