Friday, 17 November 2017

Flare: How Xultour blazed a path to entrepreneurial success

Alessio Regalbuto won ‘Best Idea’ at the annual Flare competition with his innovated Virtual Reality business idea, Xultour. Since the launch Flare in 2005 winners have gone on to promising careers and established successful businesses. 12 years later, Alessio Regalbuto and his business partner Devansh Sharma celebrate being added to the prestige group of winners.

Our partnership formed in our kitchen when I showed Devansh what I do with my Virtual Reality projects, and he showed me his Instagram travel blog. We immediately thought that our potentials were perfect to be mixed. I think that Flare helped us a lot in developing our business idea. We had the chance to confront with industry experts, and to understand how to set up a business from the basis. We have been pushed to think like entrepreneurs since the start of the competition, and this fed our competitive spirit. We also had the chance to meet students like us, without previous entrepreneurs experiences and with big dreams in mind. This gave us the opportunity to learn with them, to share our questions, and to realise how many things could still be created for the market.

Flare was amazing. We were offered several Business training courses for free, meetings with experts from the University, and continuous inspiring lessons on being entrepreneurs and believe in our ideas and projects. This really helped me to find more motivation for my career to push my perspectives further, beyond traditional working experiences. I think the lesson we all learned was that we can contribute to create something that people like, and to make a product that could improve others’ life creating new job opportunities. It is not something like “Hey mum, I am working for Microsoft”, but something like “Hey mum, guess what? I created Microsoft!” That should give you the clear picture of what entrepreneurs feel when they realise their project is valuable.

I believe you only need to find the right people, sharing same target - covering different fields, to increase the probability of your success. Oh, I was forgetting: ENJOY WHAT YOU ARE DOING! That’s the best suggestion I feel I should keep on record. My past life and work experiences made me build my very own personal motto: “If it does not exist, build it!” Nothing is really impossible, the only limit is laziness.

My future plan is to complete my PhD and to continue to work on our business. And even if Xultour will not be successful, we will learn from our mistakes and come up with a new idea, more motivated than at the start. 

My strong suggestion is to join Flare for next year, and to rock like the stars you deserve to be. And you, the reader, what are your future plans for your careers? Start thinking about it, your success is waiting for you.

Alessio Regalbuto
PhD Digital Media Processing and Biometrics 

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