Tuesday, 14 November 2017

How the Enterprise Fund helped me unlock my potential

Without funding my business would have remained just an idea on a piece of paper. However, by accessing the University of Hertfordshire’s Careers and Employment Enterprise Fund I was able to turn that idea into a reality.

Nask Beauty is an e-commerce store that sells natural skincare products catering for all different skin types and skin concerns. It was while researching the beauty industry for an assignment that the business idea came to me. Of course, I’ve always nurtured a love for skincare and beauty products; but I also wanted match passion with product, and it was here I recognised there was a gap in the market, especially for natural cosmetics. I became captivated by the idea of formulating my own cosmetics, designing my brand, and most importantly, being my own boss in an industry that I love. It was at this point I started putting my plan into action.

Being an entrepreneur has risks, but it’s worthwhile because of the rewards. Forget your doubt and give it a try. And what better place to start than at the University of Hertfordshire! This is a great university and Careers and Employment give you a lot of support and resources to be the budding entrepreneur you always wanted to be. As well as the wealth of digital material, there’s also a chance to attend workshops, lectures and networking events. You can take placement years, self-employed placement years, or make use of the incubation centre. Finally you’ll get a mentor, whose support and guidance means your not alone in this adventure.  

Funding a business can prove difficult, especially for us students. If you a short of savings, and don’t have the money to invest, the enterprise fund is for you. It’s easy to apply as well. As long as you love your idea, and can talk about it with enthusiasm then you’ll be considered. Of course, you’ll need a business plan, but Careers and Employment can also help with that as well. Overall it’s a win-win situation. With the funding provided by Careers and Employment I managed to take a skincare formulation course, create three new products, and set up my online store. I was able to package, brand and promote my business, so now it is now a fully operational start-up steadily expanding.

Since my investment I’ve been on an amazing journey, watching my business grow and develop from its initial conception. I’ve already made international sales, and I’ve seen a huge boost in my brand profile because of it. Recently I got invited to New York to attend a beauty festival with other key innovators of the field, and so I’m already aiming for the next level. Without the help of careers and employment none of this would have been possible.

So my advice for students is go for it! The University is the best place to begin your journey, and Careers and Employment have a wealth of resources to draw on. The enterprise team especially are ambitious, creative and professional, and so won’t let you down. So started investing today, access the enterprise fund, and turn your dream into a reality.

Olukorede Banjo
NASK Beauty
Natural cosmetics and skincare products

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