Monday, 7 May 2018

The journey of student commuter

Hi, I’m Aroona, a University of Hertfordshire Humanities graduate who is currently on a short work placement in the University’s Marketing and Communications department. Throughout my time at the University of Hertfordshire I've always commuted so I wanted to share some tips that will help your experience as a commuting student. 

Before I embarked on my university course in 2014 I had never been for familiar with the term ‘commuter’ nor what it meant or entailed. The idea of applying for student accommodation was appealing – I had always studied locally beforehand but for me it did not make sense financially. 

The choice of staying at home whilst studying at university is becoming more of a feasible choice for students - with more than 50% of all UK undergraduates being commuters.

I was told by mutual friends of mine about the bus service Uno that went directly to university from my home which for students only cost five-pounds for a day ticket. It was a done deal - I would commute for the next three years. 

It can be harder for commuting students to feel integrated with their peers when it comes to experiencing the full thrall of living on campus. It can seem like students who live on campus have more opportunities to rub shoulders and make friends and share experiences outside seminars and lectures.

However, there are many options available to commuting students at the University of Hertfordshire to get more social and practically involved in different aspects of university life and all that it has to offer.

Here’s a guide to making the best use of the facilities at university:

Short stay

It’s easy to feel like you’re missing out on the buzz and thrill of student night life if you’re a commuting student. It shouldn’t have to be a compromise between staying out late with your friends at a student union event and missing the last bus home. 

To help fix this dilemma the University does offer students temporary accommodation upon request. To check prices and availability contact accommodation by email:

Car hire 

Car sharing is great idea to make journeys to and from university that more fun with your friends…but what if you don’t have a car? At University you can hire a car as and when you need it. The E-Car Club based around the University of Hertfordshire have a fleet of electric cars which you can borrow for any length of time (minimum for 1 hour) for 5.50 per hour or 24.00 per 24 hours including insurance cover. You can sign up here: E-Car Website.

Active students

Active students is a fantastic way to meet new people, take a break from studying and get fitter- and all for free! The Active Students programme offer up to 75 hours of activities across both de Havilland and College Lane campuses so there is plenty to choose from. All you need to bring is your Student I.D.


There is ample opportunity to take part in volunteering projects at the University and the local community. Volunteering is the ideal way of giving back to the community, meeting new people and boosting your confidence as well as developing skills to show off and add to your CV. The Student Union allows you to register as a volunteer and log in your hours to create a solid volunteering profile and get certificates. You can also log your volunteering as part of the University's Go Herts award.

Image: Students volunteering their time at the University's community garden. This image is a still from the short film ‘Gardening for your mental health’ produced by Groundwork East.


The University’s events’ calendar is packed the whole year round and features a range of events from lectures, conferences, performing arts, movie nights to

Whether it is an event to support your studies or just for fun and laughs, the options are endless. Check out the University events' programme hereUH Arts also hold a variety of events including theatre, dance, and creative workshops and short courses.


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