Friday, 14 December 2018

Keeping in contact over the holiday season

This time of year is full of festive spirit. Around campus there is a buzz about students getting ready to have a break from studies and enjoy some down time. The University helps us get into the festive mood with Chanukah candle lighting, carolling, a massive Christmas tree in the forum, and Christmas decorations galore! Most students go home for some much-needed washing loads, food parcels, and time with old school friends. It’s definitely a good reboot after a busy semester.

Some say the best part is the break itself, but I would say the best part is realising the friendships you made whilst at university and how much you miss it when you are not there. It is so important to keep in touch with your uni friends, and the University itself, so I’ve put together some top tips for keeping in contact over the Christmas period:
·      Keep in contact with your university friends
Make sure you keep in contact with your university friends over the break. There is nothing worse than meeting new friends and making memories with existing friends, then having a period where you don’t talk to or even see each other. Try and meet up with your friends if you can, if you all live too far away from each other, socialise in the group chat and call each other as often as you can.
·      Follow UH and SU twitter
Both UH and SU twitter accounts will be active over the Christmas break and will both be providing you with fun and helpful information. Keep up with what everyone is doing over the holidays and check out any information about semester B which can be useful for you.
·      Plan out your semester B diary
With loads of new events, societies and other fun bits coming in semester B, make sure you know what things you’re going to - obviously whilst keeping to your revision schedules. Make sure to keep track of what’s happening on campus, all the different events, lectures or any changes, before you return for semester B.

·      Make use of the LRCs during the holiday opening hours
This especially applies to the students who are living on campus this year. Make sure you use the LRCs when open during the Christmas period, get some valuable revision in and work on your assignments with little distractions. Or if you’re struggling to concentrate on working over the Christmas period from home, make your way down to campus and get working there.

Remember, Herts is a massive family and in the Life and Medical Sciences school we look forward to the welcome back in January at the LMS Refresher. It’s a great event that brings everyone back together. There will also be tonnes of other activities and Refresher events happening across the University when you return. From tea parties and the SU’s Refresher Fair, to skilling up opportunities with the LRC and Careers, there will be something for everyone!
We look forward to seeing you in the new year and we wish you a warm and happy holiday!

Chloe Greenberg is student, the School Community Organiser, and President of the Society of Psychology & Sport Sciences, at the University of Hertfordshire.

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