Thursday, 13 December 2018

Organising your time over the Christmas break

This Christmas break is an important one, you need to make sure you’re prepared for exams and completed all coursework thrown at you. But it is also important to stay sociable, spend quality time with friends and family and of course have a great Christmas! I’ve got some of tips that helped me prepare for my exams during Christmas whilst also having time for family and friends.

·       Don’t leave it until the last minute
We’re all guilty of doing this, I’ve done it on many occasions. This Christmas break get started as soon as possible. If you have work that needs to be done, don’t leave it, get on with it.
Revising and being prepared for exams really helps you to achieve successful marks, meaning starting revision early and ensuring that you know your stuff gives you the best chance. Ensuring that your assignments are done to the best of your ability is equally important.
Writing assignments to the best of your ability involves spending time on it. This means starting your assignments early and not leaving them to the last minute. The main point of this is, the more you get done early, the less you must do later. Don’t make your work sloppy and rushed or not know anything when sitting in that exam hall, get started early, know your stuff and make your work look professional and effective.

·       Create a plan
One helpful thing you can do is to create a plan for the Christmas holiday, just like a normal revision plan. If you think revision schedules are helpful, this will certainly be helpful to you. Try and stick to your plan as much as possible to ensure effective work, but if you fall behind, you can always try and catch up one day.
I did this in my last Christmas break - I started the holidays off just doing a couple of hours a day to help get me into the swing of it. Over the weeks, I kept adding more and more hours onto the days, this really helped me get into working hard every day. Obviously with this plan, I left time to be sociable with my friends and family. This was the most useful thing I did for myself, it really helped me to be prepared for my exams and get my assignments done effectively. I gave myself enough time to reread my assignments to ensure they were the best I could make them and gave me enough time to learn as much as I could for my exams. I cannot recommend this enough.

·       Make sure to have Christmas day off
Christmas day is a day you should not be working, it should be a day of joy, happiness, opening presents, playing games with family or friends and, of course, tucking into your Christmas dinner. Make sure that you do a sufficient amount of work before Christmas day to make sure you’re not thinking about doing work whilst opening presents. If you’ve created yourself a plan, make sure you leave Christmas day blank. If you’ve been doing a solid amount of work early, you could even give yourself Christmas eve, Christmas day and New years eve off too, but definitely don’t do anything on Christmas.

Max Cresswell is a Internal Communications Assistant at the University of Hertfordshire

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