Favourite thing about the University

MyHerts have spoken to some final year students, who are about to finish their time at the University. We wanted to find out about their favourite Herts Moments from this academic year. Here’s what they had to say:

Christian Lavelle:
“My favourite thing about the university is that there is so much to offer. From Active Students to student-led societies to help with planning for my future career. For example, after joining the creative writing society, I was able to socialise with students from other courses that I would otherwise have not met, this was really good for me as I was able to make more friends and feel part of the wider university community.”

Mansi Joshi:
Without a doubt, my favourite thing about my time at university has been the people I have met along the journey. I met one of my best friends on the first day of uni. I knew no one, we were both waiting for the same lecture and started chatting. 4 years on and we are still inseparable. I had the opportunity to get to know others in my lectures and my new flat mates, who despite being the weirdest mix of people, got along like a house on fire. It is crazy to think that had I not joined societies and met these people, I would not have embarked on the adventure of a lifetime; having the opportunity to go on exchange to Australia. During my year in Melbourne, the ‘people meeting’ continued and I made some wonderful friends for life from countries all over the world. I even got the chance to travel to some of these places and experience immersing myself into these colourful cultures as a local. Meeting new people is an inevitable part of life, but for me, university has been the perfect place to experience the highs as well as lows of friendship and building relationships. It has both taught me lessons and given me some incredible memories which will stay with me for life.”

Natasha Pensado:
“The three years that l have spent at the university have been amazing and it is difficult to pinpoint my favourite thing about university because of the various positive experiences l have had. The university has given me the opportunity to meet people from different backgrounds and make new friends and professional relationships. The experiences l had have helped me in working towards my dream career. The learning atmosphere has been positive in that my lecturers have been supportive, knowledgeable, approachable and always willing to help. The university has held networking events where l had the chance to meet people working in the legal sector such as the Crown Prosecutor for the West Midlands and they have given me great advice. The university has also provided me with great opportunities to develop my skills through extracurricular activities such as mooting and client interviewing, and l was given the opportunity to visit the major circle firm Clifford Chance in London. The university has enabled me to develop socially, personally, professionally and I have been given a strong foundation to expand my horizons.”


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