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Here at the University of Hertfordshire, we have a fantastic community of students and staff from all over the world. With over 24,000 students from 134 countries, there’s a lot of events and developments happening every single day on our campuses, and it can be tricky trying to stay on top of them all!

We thought we’d give you a little round up of a few of the things that have happened here at Herts in the past few months to keep you in the loop. And because there’s nothing worse than finding out about an awesome event when it’s already been and gone, we’ll signpost you to places to stay on top of things going forward at the end of this post. Remember to let us know what you’re up to, because we love sharing your events and achievements on our social channels!

So what’s been going on?

          Varsity: Our talented Sports teams were pitted against the University of Derby, and won 15 out of 21 events to be declared overall Varsity winners! The events were attended by people from all over Herts from our mascot Stanley the Stag to Vice-Chancellor Quintin McKellar, and we were bursting with Herts pride. Go Herts! Check out the story collection on our Instagram account if you missed it.

      Speaking of Insta stories, did you know our students sometimes take over our social channels and use it to show you a day in their life? For example, Paramedic Science student Asghar Khan took over our Snapchat account and filmed his life on the night shift as a student paramedic! We've also had students doing room tours, giving advice around Clearing and loads more! 

      If you fancy getting involved with our social media, feel free to get in touch! Drop us an email at :)

Graduation: Of course, this happens every year, but did you know you can get featured on our social media channels and the interactive screens at the event by using our graduation hashtag (#hertsgrad2019)? As well as that, you can watch video footage of your own graduation after the event.

Image from the University's Instagram stories featuring an image of a smiling graduate in her robe and mortarboard hat, with a caption above saying "Congrats to all our new graduates"An image from the University's Instagram Stories, featuring an easel holding a purple stand with "Graduation launch this way" written on it

International Happiness Day: From doughnuts to dogs and everything in between, we celebrated the things that make us happy here at Herts! It was lovely getting to see what makes you smile while you study!


          Stanley the Stag explored the campus: Ever wonder what Stanley gets up to when he’s not being the hype man at our sports games?! Well, wonder no longer! Check out our Insta stories for footage when we catch him out and about!

      Societies: The Hertfordshire Students’ Union has more than 120 societies for Herts students to join, and we’ll bet you didn’t know half of them existed! Whatever your interest is, we probably have a society set up for it – from baking to big band, anime to allotments, Disney to Game of Thrones, we’ve got it all! If we are missing something, you’re welcome to create your own. You can also adopt inactive societies and breathe new life into them. Take a look at the full list of current societies here.
We’ll also give you the heads up on society events via our Instagram stories as and when we hear from them. If you’re a society member, feel free to let us know what you’re up to!

Autism Awareness Week: We had a series of events, including Senior Lecturer Lynn Bhania from the School of Education talking about what autism is, the debate club discussing if autism is a disability, and a screening of Rain Man, which depicts an autistic character. As well as this, we shared facts and tips to raise awareness of autism, how it affects people and how you can help autistic friends and colleagues.

 So what are you waiting for? We’re here for you and we’d love you to jump in and get involved!
 Head on over to @universityofhertfordshire on Instagram and join the community today.

Rhianna Campbell
Social Media Executive
University of Hertfordshire


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