Activities to get you skills

Upskilling doesn’t have to involve text books and lectures. Here, your VP Activities Sajid explains how you can gain lots of skills from extra-curricular activities on campus.

"Our University offers a wide range of extra-curricular activities, from societies, sports clubs, volunteering, fundraising and student media (Trident Media). Getting involved in extra-curricular activities is exciting  giving you a chance to be a central part of the community on campus while learning a lot! Being a member of different societies and clubs will also really improve your social life!

I started my journey by joining an Active Students roller-skating session. It was a wonderful experience and so I got involved in more activities and found the more involvement I had in different events the more I felt I had settled into University life. 

During my second year I decided to create my very own society through our Students’ Union called the UH Global Students Society. This was such a great opportunity for me as I got to be involved in so much more than just taking part. I started to develop my planning, coordination and organisation skills, and it was also a lot of fun! I really suggest all students get involved in different extra-curricular activities, it is very beneficial - it’s like an investment in yourself.

Key skills that you will learn from getting involved in different extra-curricular activities are, self -confidence, leadership, networking, problem solving and a lot more. These will really help you in the future, especially when it comes to professional environments as well as your own personal development. You won’t just be rewarded with new skills though. Being in a society and getting involved in different activities will make great memories that in the future you will be able to look back on and smile. 

Here are some of the top activities I suggest to check out on campus:
1) Karaoke 
2) Pub quizzes
3) Societies meet and greets and other events.
4) Sports clubs socials and activities.
5) Taking part in fundraising and volunteering
6) Forum (night club) night outs
7) Freshers’ Week.

My advice? Make sure to keep it fun and enjoy it! Our student population is so diverse that you will meet a lot of students from all different cultures and backgrounds, as well as students who have the same interests as you. Who knows, you might even find your new best friend through your new activities!

If you’re unsure where to start, get in contact with the Students’ Union. They have loads of knowledge about what extra-curricular activities are available, and are always happy to help you find the best opportunities that the University has to offer."


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