Spaces designed around you

University life can be pretty full-on. And that’s why we have created and refreshed lots of different spaces across both of our campuses, all designed around you and your needs. Whether you need somewhere quiet to knuckle down and focus on assignments, an area where you can chat and work collaboratively with course mates, or just somewhere to catch up with friends, there is lots available. 

Social learning space

The social learning spaces are the ideal destination for both group working and catching up between lectures. At de Havilland, the Mezzanine in the Atrium has large tables with lots of seating that you can all gather round. At College Lane, our Chapman Lounge is where you will find smaller booths plus group tables fitted with digital screens that you can plug your laptops in to. 

Learning Resources Centres (LRCs)

As well as being open 24/7 the new study zones in our LRCs mean you have a lot more flexibility with your learning. We now have dedicated floors to suit different study needs, including group working spaces and silent study zones meaning you can work exactly how and when you need to.

Restaurants and cafes

Our on campus food had a big refresh in September. The restaurants are now serving a wider range of food from super healthy choices to the more indulgent and traditional home favourites. You will also find new choices in our cafes, many of which have had new refurbishments giving you space to chat and study.

The Oval and de Havilland Common Room

When you need to relax or have some quality time with your mates then the easiest place to head for is the nearest common room. The Oval is nestled in the heart of the student accommodation at College Lane, and the de Havilland Common Room is just next to the de Havilland shop. Both have high specs with pool tables, foosball, and board games to unwind with, and you can even order a pizza in – so long as you clear up afterwards! 

Coming soon!

Early next year we are due to open a brand new social space at de Havilland in our Enterprise Hub. You have probably seen this being built right next to our Law Court Building and The Street. The ground floor is a dedicated social space and your feedback has helped to shape exactly what this offers. Keep on the lookout for more information about its opening in the New Year.


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