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Keeping focused over Christmas

Keeping focused over Christmas 

Sometimes we can get caught up in the excitement of Christmas and it can be hard to stay focused. Luckily at Herts there are a lot of resources on hand to help you to stay on track and get the support you need. To get you started, Sophie, a recent graduate, shares a few tips for keeping focused during the festive season: 

Prioritise, Organise and Plan  
Time management is vital to staying focused over the Christmas break. For many, time management can be quite a challenge. If this sounds like you then make sure you take time before you start your studies to prioritise, organise and plan. For example, make a timetable outlining what you need to do, and how much time a day, or a week, you need to dedicate to each subject. This will help you to keep focused and prioritise certain pieces of work.  

When creating your timetable, add in regular breaks and time to socialise. Breaks are very important for brain function and will improve the standard of work you produce! By adding these into your timetable, you will be able to manage your time efficiently and keep yourself on track. 

eBooks and other online resources  
If you are going home during the Christmas break, there are lots of online resources that are available for you to use while you are away. 

To start with it is important that you save your files in your personal one drive so that you can access them while you are away. This way you can keep all your files in one place and won’t lose them! 

Herts have a lot of online support that you can access from home including the online library where you will find 4000 new books in electronic print. Search ‘Access to UH Library resources from off-campus’ on Ask Herts for more information.  

There are also lots of online tutorials that can help you save time and improve your grades. Tutorials are available for Referencing, Searching, Reading and Evaluating. Visit our Library skill up pages to learn more about it. 

Ask Herts is a very useful resource so make sure you take advantage of it! If you have any questions while you are away just type them in the search bar on For example, if you have a question about exams, just ‘Ask Herts.’  

Take advantage of the resources on campus 

As well as online resources, take advantage of the resources available on campus! 
If you are still going to be here over Christmas, the LRC is open between Christmas and the new year and is a good place to study. There are lots of improved group study areas as well, so why not organise some study groups! These can be very useful, especially if you are struggling. Chatting to others about your work will help you to share different ideas about different topics and help you stay focused on the end goal. View the LRC Christmas opening times. 

Take regular breaks! 
I have already mentioned this briefly, but it is very important! Make sure you are taking time away from your work, to allow yourself to rest and recover. You also need to make sure you are getting enough sleep. 
If you are working a part-time job over the festive season, make sure you still allow yourself some time away from your job and your studies. Working a part-time job does not count as a break!! 

Talk to people if you are struggling  
If you are struggling with your workload, are stressed about your upcoming exams or don’t understand something, make sure you talk to someone. 

There are always people around to help you. Remember, your friends and tutors are just a phone call, or an email away, so don’t be afraid to ask for help. Ask Herts also has lots of resources to help with exam stress. 

There are Study Success Hubs on the ground floor of the LRC as well, which have sessions for English support, Maths support and help using library resources. Search Study Success Hub on Ask Herts to find out more and check session timetables. 

If you are living on campus and still really struggling, remember your Residential Assistants are available for your support. Simply call +44 (0)1707 281010 to speak to them. 

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