International Women's Day: Meet Chrystelle

Chrystelle is in her second year of Radiotherapy and Oncology study with the University’s School of Health and Social Work.

How did you come to study at the University of Hertfordshire?

Even though I got admission in different universities, I chose UH for its environment and the lovely team that I interacted with during the process. After my application and interview, I was selected which was great!

What is your greatest achievement? This can be personal or directly related to your academic studies with us at Herts.

My greatest achievement will be when I start my course. I will be studying Radiotherapy and oncology, which will have an important impact on my future career.

Has there been anyone who has been a significant support in this achievement? For example, you could not have achieved what you did without them. This can be a male or female

My spouse has been of significant support. As a mother, it was difficult to leave my children, but he accepted to play the two roles (mother and father) for me to achieve what I have always fought for.

Are there any women in your life who have been a role model? If yes who and why? This could be a member of your family, a friend or colleague or someone in the public eye.

My mother. She is a very good counsellor, strong character and has always supported me. She has always me to always fight for my dreams.

What made you want to take part in the Sprint Development programme and what have you gained from it?

I took part in this programme to boost my confidence and believe in myself. I wanted to get rid of the imposter syndrome. From the programme, I learnt to be more assertive and to think about my personal wellbeing. With the Sprint programme, I developed my network, which is very essential for personal achievement.


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