Keeping connected with your local community

In these challenging times, it is easy to feel isolated and cut off from your community, especially now that it’s crucial we stay inside. Although we can’t be involved in local life the way we’re used to there are still so many ways you can engage with your community online. It has never been more important to get involved.

It’s amazing how many events and initiatives are still taking place and there is an outpouring of community support online that demonstrates how people are being positive and proactive, continuing to support local businesses, charities and residents.

Here are some tips for staying connected while we are apart:

Facebook groups

Join your local area’s Facebook group or find other social channels that publicise the community led activities taking place in your area. This is a great way to feel connected to the community you love.
The University even has one for students who are self-isolating on campus – but you are more than welcome to join!

Online classes

Many gyms and personal trainers are offering online tutorials and classes and online Yoga, meditation and wellbeing courses are also widely available. It’s vital to keep physically and mentally engaged when stuck indoors for long periods of time.

Hertfordshire Sports Village are also offering their HSV@Home service. It’s a new online community where you can interact with HSV staff on a regular basis. They will give you specific exercises to do related to your needs and offer you support on a one-to-one basis or via group chats if you prefer. They offer daily exercises, programmes, mindfulness tips and even brain training! To sign up, fill out the online form here.


Take advantage of volunteering opportunities, there has never been a better time. Many people are in need, see if you can help pick up extra groceries or supplies for a neighbour who may not be able to get out of the house. There is a lot of collectivised initiatives taking place in online groups.

You can also help the NHS with their volunteering scheme. Find out more by visiting their website. And if you want to know how the University can support you with NHS volunteering, visit HertsHub.

Support local businesses

Support local businesses online – many businesses, especially restaurants and eateries are offering a delivery service, with some even selling fresh fruit and veg door to door. Try to buy from local businesses that are still operating and depend on your custom more than ever.

Join Online clubs

Join local clubs that organise online – Facebook groups are a great way to join online communities that can make you feel more connected when going for your daily walk or run. It’s important to have people you can keep in contact with, especially if you live alone or in remote areas.

Share your stories

What have you done with your local community recently? Share your stories by contacting 


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