Online resources that will help you to achieve your best

We know this will be a difficult time for many, and lots of you might be concerned about where you can find information to help you with your studies.  There are lots of online resources to help with your studies both online and face-to-face.

Learning resources

There are over 4000 books available online. If you are worried that you can't get to the library, you can access lots of these books on your devices. Your module reading list will contain links to all your essential and recommended reading. You can access this by clicking the ‘Reading’ link in the module information section of your Canvas module site.

If you need any extra help, you can also register with the SkillUp Canvas module to help you find, use and reference information, visit subject toolkits on StudyNet or improve your digital skills to help you study online via Ask Herts.

If you have any problems accessing any of our online resources, contact the Library and Computing Services Helpdesk.

All learning materials will be available online via StudyNet/Canvas, so you will not miss out on any information. If you are worried, contact your lecturer directly.

Library resources 

Not only are library resources available online, but there are also lots of online tutorials that can help you save time and improve your grades. Tutorials are available for Referencing, Searching, Reading and Evaluating. So, don’t worry, you can find everything you need skills-wise at 

Ask Herts

Ask Herts is another resource that is extremely useful. If you have any questions or worries, just type them in the search bar on For example, if you want to find past exam papers or get your exam timetable just ‘Ask Herts.’

Careers and Skill Development

It's always good to use your free time wisely to improve your CV and learn some new skills. For example, why not teach yourself how to use Excel or learn new language? When all this is over, you’ll be glad you used your time to develop yourself!

There are loads of courses on LinkedIn Learning for lots of different topics. So, take a look! It might be a nice distraction to learn something new.

You could also learn more about yourself and what you might want to do after university. Why not research some career options and see what you might be interested in? There are lots of online resources available to help you plan your career, there is even a job simulation tool!

Time management and organisation are vital to staying focused. For many, time management can be quite difficult, which can make online learning challenging. If you struggle with managing your time, there is plenty of support available that will help you to prioritise and plan your workload. LinkedIn Learning has lots of useful resources to help you manage your time and work effectively at home.

Events and Activities

Herts and the SU are still running Freshers this year! There is a mix of online and face-to-face events for everyone to get involved in, and best of all, it's a month long! Find the full list of events here.

The Herts Sports Village is open and ready for you to work off your stress! You can join the gym, go swimming or go to a group exercise class - and don't worry, there are lots of safety measures in place to keep everyone safe.

Active Students and HertSquad are also back - with a variety of groups, teams and activities for you to get involved in. You can find details on everything they have to offer here.

Advice and support 

If you are feeling isolated, you can join the Herts Virtual Community group. This group will help you to socialise with other students at Herts, and share tips or organise socially distanced events!

For any information about advice and support click here.
If you have any concerns about your health and wellbeing while working from home, contact or 


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