Are you sitting comfortably?

Since you’ve been studying from home, have you started to notice any aches, pains or discomfort maybe in your back, neck or shoulders? If yes, this could be a sign that your desk set up isn’t quite right and needs to change! You may even be sitting for too long.

We have collated some useful resources to help you check your desk set up, ensure items such as your screen and keyboard are placed appropriately and some tips to help you avoid getting tired eyes.

Check your desk set up

Watch this short video to check you are achieving the correct posture when studying at home and to make sure you aren’t putting any unnecessary pressure on your back, neck and shoulders.

Click the image below to view more useful tips and guidance.

Avoid and manage aches and pains

If you are experiencing aches and pain, the Physio Med is a great website that offers simple stretching routines and self-help guides recommended by physiotherapists.

Tired eyes?

Avoid getting tired eyes by taking regular screen breaks. You can also try the Rest and Re-Focus Technique every 20 minutes to avoid eye strain when using screens:

  1. Look down and blink several times
  2. Look at a stationary object several metres away
  3. Stare at the object until your eyes focus clearly
  4. Blink several times
  5. Look at a stationary object less than one metre away
  6. Stare at the object until your eyes focus clearly
  7. Blink several times
  8. Now do something else for a few minutes away from your home working  - stretch, walk around, get a drink.

Get up and away from your desk

A great way to avoid aches and pains is to simply get up and away from your desk on a regular basis.
Planning exercise and movement into your day will stop you from sitting too long. Active Students are running regular classes online so try to fit some of these into your daily routine.

Also try to plan in some coffee breaks where you sit in a different room or in a different chair. You could also use this time to call friends and family or maybe to read a book.


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