How to do some gardening without a garden

Don’t have a garden? No problem! You can still get all the amazing benefits of having a garden from inside your house!

You might feel envious of those who have a garden during this time, but you don’t actually need one to do some planting and get some fresh air! Here are some tips on how to do some ‘gardening’ without a garden:

1. Plant a window box

Putting flowers on your window ledge will not only make your house beautiful from the outside but you will also be able to see them from inside. It will be just like looking out on a garden! If you don’t have a sturdy windowsill, you can still get hanging plants to pop outside your window.

2. Be colourful

Try to be as colourful as possible – this will help to create positive, fresh vibes inside your home, and you’ll start to get the benefits of a garden even though you are inside. Get some colourful flowers and spruce up your living room or bedroom! You can buy some from the supermarket or even grow your own.

3. Grow your own veg

There are actually loads of vegetables that you can grow indoors! Not only will this make your home feel fresher, but you won’t have to go out to the shops so much!

Some examples of veg you can grow indoors are:

- Chillies – these are easy to grow in a pot on a sunny windowsill and there are loads of different types to choose from. Find out how to grow them here.

- Beansprouts – these are really good for you and super easy to grow! Read about how to grow them indoors here.

- Tomatoes – Growing tomatoes is pretty easy, and it will save you getting some from the supermarket – every little helps right…! You can find out how to grow your own here.

- Microgreens – Microgreens are the new shoot of a vegetable plant which you can harvest before the plant grows fully! These are super easy to grow, and you can grow them in about a week. They are also super good for you – they have 40 times the nutrients than when the plant grows fully! Find out how to grow them here. 

For more ideas about what you can grow indoors, click here.

4. Grow some herbs

Herbs are also something else you can grow indoors! There are loads of different herbs that you can grow inside, for example; basil, rosemary, oregano, thyme, chives and mint are some of the easier ones. Find out how to grow herbs here.

5. Open your curtains and windows as much as you can to get fresh air and sunlight (when it’s sunny of course)

Make sure you keep your curtains open during the day to get some sunlight and open the windows as much as you can. Not only will this allow you to get some fresh air, you will also get the sounds and smells that you might experience in a garden. Opening windows is very important for the circulation of clean air too!

6. Use lots of houseplants

Houseplants are a great way to help you feel good and get lots of the benefits that you would from a garden! They help to purify the air making it fresh and having greenery about can also help to keep you positive and energised. Why not check if your local garden centre is delivering and support local businesses at the same time!

7. Get yourself some dry plants

When getting yourself some houseplants, get yourself some ‘low-maintenance’ plants with dry soil that don’t need much looking after. Not only will this save you from having to water lots of plants every day, but it will stop soil getting all over the house!

Some examples of good plants to get for indoors are:

- Cactus

- Aloe Plant

- Shamrock plant

- Peace lily

- Jade plant

8. Turn your balcony or patio into a garden

Another way you can get the benefits of a garden without actually having one is to make your own! If you have a balcony or a patio, why not make this into your garden?

Get yourself lots of artificial or indoor plants – there are loads of options; you can even get fake trees and grass for balcony’s! Put up some fairy lights, pop a seat out there and relax! You could even have your own mini fire-pit if it gets a bit cold!

9. Make a Terrarium

If you don’t have a balcony or patio, why not make your own garden in a terrarium! If you haven’t heard of these before, these are indoor gardens in a sealed container. The soil and plants in the terrarium release water vapour so they actually recycle water!

They don’t take long to make, and you can actually make them very cheaply. Find out how to make one here.

10. Be creative – create a mini garden

The main way to get the benefits of a garden without actually having one, is to be creative! Find a space near a window, where you can take your breaks and get some fresh air and sunlight. You could even create a mini garden or a mini fairy garden. Not only will this keep you busy, but you will also get to enjoy the benefits of some beautiful plants.

For some ideas on how to create a mini garden, click here.


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