Herts Heroes: Our Professional Administration Staff

As it is Administrative Professional’s Day, today we want to show our gratitude to all admin staff at the university and celebrate them as today’s Herts Heroes.

The University’s admin staff have all been very busy, helping to support both staff and students throughout this pandemic and we are extremely proud of them for showing true dedication and commitment to the university in such a difficult time. 

Meet the team

We have professional administrative teams across the University who are here to support you throughout your University life. From helping you with your accommodation and fees to helping with general queries, course information and visas – these teams are the backbone of the University and you can find them in every corner of our campuses!

Student Admin teams at Registration in September 2019

Francesca Coxon, Head of Student Centre Information Service sheds a light on all of the incredible work that admin staff have been getting involved with other the past few weeks:

"The University’s administrators have been busy in the background helping to support processes and ensure that students are feeling supported.  
All administrators are working remotely, picking up emails, processing student requests and providing reassurance, remaining understanding to staff and students alike in these current times whilst adapting to home working and new technology.”

Team building

The teams are supporting each other with workloads and knowledge sharing, and are also ensuring that everyone takes regular breaks and morale stays high.  The team have a dedicated social chat on Teams where daily coffee breaks take place for those who are available (with optional dressing up); showing off their baking skills, birthday messages, and any other chats that they might have had in the office. 

The Student Centre

New equipment was purchased to enable the Student Centre Info Service team to remotely answer the main telephone line: +44 (0)1707 284000 and they have quickly adapted to using Microsoft Teams to seek clarifications from the specialist teams in the Student Centre.
For the time being they are unable to produce ID cards, and with no need for face to face enquiries the team have volunteered to support other teams wherever they can

Student Funding and Financial Support (SFFS)

Student Funding and Financial Support are a team who would normally be busy at this time of year liaising with the Student Loans Company and helping with tuition fees. As well as the this, the team have provided enormous support to students by continuing to process an ever-increasing number of University Financial Assistance Fund (UFAF) applications in addition to managing the UH COVID-19 Relief Fund, which was established to support Students facing financial difficulties as a result of the coronavirus.

Residential Allocations 

One of the smallest teams on campus has been continuously inundated with enquiries about current and future accommodation on campus. On top of answering each query that arrives in their inbox, this team are working hard to release students from their contracts and process applications for our new intake in September. 

Admissions and Student Records and Enrolments

Admissions and Student Records and Enrolments Administrators have been busy working through all new applications, decisions received back from the tutors following interviews and email queries. 

The team are constantly in touch with little helpful hints, ‘how to’ help notes and advice. Responding quickly to shouts of help across the Centre, within the team and the Admissions tutors through group chats and team email accounts. 

The teams help each other stay positive with the joke of the day, a tune of the day, what’s for dinner. Normal office banter continues on their Team chat and WhatsApp group, with the use of GIFS and emojis to make each other chuckle and the odd photo of snacks and pets!

International Student Support and Tier 4

It’s business as usual for the Tier 4 Compliance and International Student Support teams ensuring that the University carries out its compliance responsibilities and monitoring for the Home Office. The Home Office is also keeping them busy with updates to immigration guidance in response to Covid-19 and teasers about immigration post Brexit!

In addition, they have lots of emails relating to the impact of the lock-down on students’ studies, visas and work placements.’  

Thank you

We want to thank all of our Professional Administrative Staff for working so hard during this time and continuing to support the university in the many different ways they do. We are very grateful for everything that you are doing to help make the current situation easier for both staff and students. Thank you, Herts Heroes!


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