Keeping the University estate working - Our on campus heroes

While lot’s of us are working from home, there are still members of staff working on campus to make sure that our University remains intact for when we return.

One of these teams is The Estates department. They have continued to work at the University during the Coronavirus outbreak, to assist both students and staff who remain on campus and to prepare for a return to normal operations in the future.

We really appreciate all of their hard work and wanted to take a moment to shine a light on everything they have been doing over the past few weeks.

Here is what Klara Foster, Service Excellence Project Coordinator in Estates, has to say about the work they have been doing:  

"We’ve worked really hard to keep our key services such as portering, maintenance and cleaning operational wherever possible, although in some cases we have reduced our services available. Like everyone else, we’ve been getting used to new ways of working: while most of our team are working from home, we have a small cross-functional team onsite each day, including our Estates Helpdesk.

We’ve been keeping everyone informed through Teams, including daily updates from our Director, Ian Grimes, and on Friday we had a whole team catch up with a cuppa. We’re also keeping spirits high with chats, sharing pics of our new ‘co-workers’ (Pets) and some competitive quizzing!

We want to make sure that the Estate is clean, safe and ready for our staff and students when they return, so as well as reacting to jobs that need doing, we’re keeping on top of our pre-planned tasks such as building checks, compliance works, deep cleaning and grounds keeping.

Currently over 1,000 students remain on campus in our residences, so we’re working together with the Dean of Students’ Office to support them by liaising closely with our accommodation partners and keeping our campus shops open.

Our Security team have been really busy keeping our campuses secure. The University has made the decision to limit access to almost all of our buildings, so the team are managing this and giving access to those who need it for essential tasks.

A number of our construction and maintenance projects have continued on site, where it is safe to do so. These include some of the new StAR Hubs, our Sports Science redevelopment, and smaller projects such as lift refurbishments and boiler replacements.

Our Portering team are working onsite on a reduced rota, and played a key role in collecting and delivering the equipment and supplies from around our campuses to be delivered to Herts County Council for use in hospitals.

We’re always happy to help, so if you have any questions or concerns you can get in touch with us via the Estates Helpdesk:, 01707 286019 or ext. 3019.”

We are so proud of all our staff for their continued support and community spirit during this time, you should all be very proud!

Thank you!


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