Mental Health Awareness week: Acts of Kindness

This week is Mental Health Awareness week and the theme this year is Kindness. So, we want to stress how important it is that you support and take care of each other. Your actions and words can really affect how people are feeling. Research has shown that helping others can also help mental health, as it creates a sense of belonging, reduces stress and strengthens community ties. A little bit of kindness can really go a long way, so we are encouraging you this week to take part in some random acts of kindness - you really might make a difference to how someone is feeling.

Here are a few acts of kindness that will help you to show those around you that you are there for them:

1. Use social media  

Social media is a great way to spread kindness to lots of people! Even something as small as commenting a positive message on someone’s post could really help to lift someone’s spirit.

It’s also a fantastic way to spread awareness of mental health. Show your support for those who are struggling and spread awareness using the hashtags #MentalHealthAwarenessWeek and #KindnessMatters

2. Join an online forum  

Online forums are a great way to start discussions, answer questions, spread positive vibes. Join the Herts Virtual Community and keep connected to your fellow students! Share tips have a chat and get involved in some virtual activities. We’re all in this together!

3. Start a fundraiser, volunteer to help those in need or donate to a charity of your choice 

Fundraising, volunteering and donating are all amazing acts of kindness. Start a fundraiser and raise some money for a cause close to your heart, volunteer and help those in need or donate some money to the charity of your choice! No donation is too small! If you’re feeling extra kind, you could even do all three!
For fundraising ideas, click here. 

4. Send a small gift, flowers or card 

Why not send a card, gift or a bunch of flowers to let someone know you’re thinking of them! It’s the thought that counts so it doesn’t need to be anything expensive, even just a card will do. They will really appreciate the thought!

5. Send someone a nice message or call a friend you haven’t spoken to for a while 

Send someone a message to tell someone you are proud of them, thankful for them or send a motivational message to someone who might be struggling. A message out of the blue will definitely put a smile on someone’s face!

 6. Help the environment  

Being kind isn’t just about being kind to people. Use this time to be kind to our environment too! Turn off your lights, put litter in the bin and make a real effort to be sustainable this week! For more ways you can help the environment, click here. 

7. Get creative  

During such a gloomy time, being creative and getting colourful can spread a lot of joy. You could draw some pictures and put them in your windows for your neighbours to see, or you could start painting some stones with inspirational messages and put them around your neighbourhood to cheer people up! Get creative and start putting smiles on people’s faces.

8. Check on your neighbours  

Check on your neighbours and those who live close by to make sure they are doing okay. You could give them a call for a quick chat or leave them a note - just let them know that you are there for them!

9. Lend an ear  

This is a very difficult time for many and sometimes being kind is about lending an ear and listening to the problems of others. Lend an ear to a friend or colleague, sometimes people just need someone to talk to.

10. Be kind to yourself 

As well as looking out for others, make sure you are being kind to yourself! Take some time to relax, stay connected and maintain a sense of hope and positive thinking! You are doing so well, and you deserve kindness too!


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