Acts of Kindness from our community

As we approach the end of Mental Health awareness week, we wanted to share with you the many Act of Kindness that have been taking place across our Herts Community.

So many of you have been helping others in many different ways including checking in on neighbours, carrying out errands for others such as getting their shopping as well as sharing messages and compliments to help give friends, family and collages a little boost.

It’s great to see the warm and friendly community spirit we all know and love at Herts is still thriving, even when we aren’t together on campus. Keep up the good work everyone!

Throughout Mental Health Awareness week, the WASS team have been sharing anonymous positive messages and compliments between each other as their act of kindness. Like Secret Santa, anyone who wanted to opt in was given the name of someone else in the team. Then instead of buying them a gift, they wrote them a short note or compliment.
Shanara Hibbert, who collected and distributed the notes of kindness says,

“Some of the team said it made their day after they’d had a challenging weekend.” 

Shanara Hibbert, Widening access and Student Success (WASS) team 

During this time there are many vulnerable members of the community who are feeling isolated.
Karen Moore has been checking up on elderly neighbours and relatives and helping them as much as possible by doing errands, supplying food for them (including a gem lettuce of their friend’s tortoise!), listening and chatting to them and helping them out with legal forms. She has also taken these acts of kindness to her own vulnerable family members to help them out too!

Karen says,

“It’s a great feeling helping others. It’s one of the best gifts you can give!” 

Karen Moore, Management Accountant for Academic Registry and Dean of Students

Jane Dye has been using her acts of kindness to support key workers. She has been sending some of her friends, who are still having to go out to work some flowers and chocolates, so that they get them when they return home. Jane says,

“They have all been so delighted with them, that it made me realise how something so little could bring so much pleasure. It really made them smile, and that in turn made me smile, and the florists were smiling as they got some business, so winning all round!” 

Jane Dye, Team leader for Residential Allocations


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