Supporting Black Lives Matter

The death of George Floyd has sparked a global movement, one which has the support of the whole community here at Herts. It is amazing to see everyone coming together in support of such an important movement.

We want you all to have a voice, because it is important that you speak out and we are sharing with you some of the amazing ways students have supported the Black Lives Matter movement.

Alice Okunowo 

Alice, a BA (Hons) English Language and Communication student at Herts, wanted to share her experience of the Black Lives matter movement and to stress the importance of being a part of it.

“So many people came together for an important cause. Words can’t express the emotions that I have been feeling since George’s murder - standing in solidarity with the supporters in the USA and doing our bit here in the UK - for George Floyd and his family, and the countless other black lives lost because they matter too. We should be able to feel safe in the community in which we live. To all black people, brown people, my people, we must continue to be strong and not be silent.” 

Alice has written three poems during this time to talk about her experience and her feelings throughout the Black Lives Matter movement, which you can read below.

Thank you, Alice. We are standing with you; you are not alone!

Black Lives Matter I 

how many more protests
must we hold?
how many angry cries
must emanate from our throats?
how many tears
must we shed for our voices to be heard
and for black lives to matter?!

Black Lives Matter II 

everybody should be treated  
with the utmost respect  
starting a campaign  
for justice and peace 
we must stand up to address the wrongdoings 
and just one voice is never enough 
police brutality and racism is never the answer 
together we stand strong 
we are human beings 
we should be equal 
togetherness is all I ask for 
but cruelty is all I’m seeing 
the use of excess force to the point of death? 
what has the world come to? 
all I want is equality for my people and justice 
there is a lot of changing to do.  

Black Lives Matter III 

regarding those who took an oath
to protect and serve
as monsters of depravity
where we shouldn’t be treated like animals
in the land of the free
or wherever it may be
whether your skin is black or white
we should be treated with dignity and respect
as you would treat yourself
listen when we speak
care when we‘re in pain
and educate yourself
on the disparity
in mistreatment
against the minority

Amber Butler  

Amber, who is a final year Illustration student at Herts, speaks about how she used her design and artwork skills to support the Black Lives Matter movement.

“Over the past week or so I’ve been thinking of a way I can contribute and support my black community. As a black creative I felt it extremely necessary to channel my upset and anger into something physical and positive to benefit the cause. I created some artwork and got in touch with The Print Club London and they asked to use one of my designs and have been mass printing my work to distribute across London for everyone protesting. I also hand painted some of my own banners to hand out to people at my local protest in Luton. It feels amazing to be part of history and seeing my work all over Instagram and within the crowds in London has been my most proud moment yet.” 

The work Amber has done is truly inspirational and we hope that it encourages lots of you to use your skills to support the Black Lives Matter movement too. Well done Amber. What amazing work for such an important cause.

We have attached some of Amber’s work below for you to have a look at.

Thank you to all of our staff and students who are getting involved to support the Black Lives Matter movement. Speaking out will really help to change our society for the better.

Remember, the University and Student’s Union are listening, and we are here for you. You are not alone; you have our full support.

Read the University’s full statement on our website, and access the Student’s Union resources here. 


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