Get ready for World Chocolate Day!

A day that we can all get involved in – World Chocolate Day! Although for many of us we celebrate this day every day… Chocolate day is the perfect opportunity to indulge yourself with all your favourite chocolate treats!

If you want to take it to extreme levels, here are a few ways you can incorporate Chocolate into your day.

1. Eat Chocolate!

This might be a pretty obvious one, but of course you have to eat chocolate on World Chocolate Day! Have chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast, your favourite chocolate bars or a nice hot chocolate before bed! However you want to incorporate it into your meals today, make sure you take advantage and enjoy all your favourites!
Click here for some chocolate recipes (you can refine these by dietary requirements too!)

2. Deliver yourself a Chocolate Bouquet or Hamper

Treat yourself this World Chocolate Day and deliver yourself some sweet treats to celebrate! There are lots of places that deliver Chocolate Bouquets and Chocolate hampers, which are a great way to treat yourself on the day! Click here to look at the hampers Cadbury’s have to offer, or click here to find yourself a chocolate bouquet!

3. Make truffles

Making truffles is a great way to celebrate World Chocolate Day! Not only is it a really fun activity and will keep you busy for a couple of hours, but the end result is very tasty!
Click here to find out how to make them! If you wanted a vegan alternative, try this vegan truffle recipe!

4. Attend a chocolate masterclass 

Why not make a day of it and attend a chocolate masterclass?  You can learn how to make chocolate from the comfort of your own home! You never know you could be the next famous chocolatier! Find out more here.

5. Make a chocolate cocktail

Cocktails are always a good way to celebrate special occasions and that’s no different for World Chocolate Day! Indulge yourself with a Chocolate cocktail, with these simple but extremely tasty recipes. There are vegetarian and vegan options too!

6. Send some chocolate gifts

Not only is this a great day to treat yourself, but it is also a good excuse to treat your friends and family to a little treat. If you can think of someone who might need a bit of a pick-me-up or someone who has always been there for you, treat them to a chocolate gift. There are so many different types of chocolate-themed gifts to choose from, there is bound to be something perfect for your loved one!

7. Buy yourself some chocolate

You may have already had chocolate on your list of things to buy, but if not then make sure you add it! Get yourself some sweet treats to enjoy throughout the day! Whether it’s just a simple chocolate bar or a whole chocolate fondue kit, treat yourself!
If you’re a fan of Thornton’s, you can even get 10% off student discount with Student Beans!

Chocolate Facts:

To kick off the day for you here are some fun-facts about chocolate that you might be surprised about!

1. 79% of the population have chocolate at least once a week! So, don’t worry you’re not alone! We’re clearly all chocolate lovers...

2. If you needed an excuse to eat it, chocolate actually has loads of health benefits! It has been proven to lower stress, help us lose weight (dark chocolate in small amounts, but still…) and has shown to be good for the heart! 

3. The most expensive chocolate in the world is £355 per piece! These chocolates are made in Switzerland and are coated in 24 Karat edible gold! Now that’s fancy chocolate!... 

4. Technically chocolate is a fruit… Chocolate comes from a product of the cacao bean which grows in pod-like fruits on tropical cacao trees. So technically, chocolate is made from the seed of a fruit! Not sure I can count is as one of my five-a-day though sadly…

5. It actually takes two to four days to make a single-serving chocolate bar! That’s actually quite a long time if you think about how much chocolate is in our supermarkets!

6. Chocolate is well-known for it’s relaxing properties! This isn’t just us kidding ourselves, the smell of chocolate actually increases theta brain waves, which triggers relaxation!

7. The World’s largest chocolate bar, weighing a record of 5,792.5 kilograms was created by Thornton’s, to mark its centenary! That’s one big bar of chocolate! 

8. Did you know that so many Toblerone bars are sold each year that if they were laid end to end, they would go on for 62,000 kilometres which is longer than the circumference of the Earth! Pretty hard to get your mind around that one right!


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