Master your dream at Herts

Thinking about postgraduate study next year to boost career options or specialise in a certain subject? There has never been a better time to look at postgraduate study to boost your employability prospects and to avoid the current challenging economic environment, leaving you in an even better position in the future.

What about funding?

There are many options to help fund your study. For starters, as a Herts graduate you get a 20% discount on postgraduate tuition fees. You can also apply for a postgraduate loan of up to £11,222 as well as a host of sponsorship and bursary options. 

It also helps your future earning prospects, with graduate earnings figures showing that up to the age of 30, postgraduates typically earn 20% more than those with an undergraduate degree (BBC, 2019).

What’s postgraduate study like?

Want to find out about life as a postgraduate student at Herts? Why not speak to one our unibuddies or read their blogs to find out about their experiences. You can also check out our postgraduate alumni stories to see their journey at Herts and what they are up to now.

What can I study?

We offer over 180 postgraduate courses to help you follow your dream or boost your career options. You can speak to our academics to find out about our courses and find out which options are right for you.


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